Singing Bowl Sound Therapy

Restorative Singing Bowl Therapy

For many years, spiritual healers in Tibet, Nepal, and India have used handmade singing bowls to bring the body back into balance. The idea is to use the power of sound to re-align ourselves with our Divine nature. In truth, the Himalayan singing bowls I play during private sessions and meditations are unique and beautiful.

Each of my bowls was handmade in the Himalayans during ritualistic ceremonies. They are made by families who have participated in this spiritual work for centuries. Every bowl is unique in appearance and has its own special sound. Because they bowls are created during hours of chanting and prayer, they carry their own remarkable energy.

Regarding My Education

I have been fortunate to learn the art of Singing Bowl Therapy from Suren Shrestha of the Atma Buti Soul Medicine Sound & Vibrational School of Boulder, CO as well as Maria Dummermuth, certified teacher trainer, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Thus far, I have completed level 2 training and will be taking level 3 in the spring of 2018.

What I love the most about the bowls is their ability to impact every person I work with. Some of my clients have said that a singing bowl treatment is far better than a massage. Indeed, the vibrations produced by the bowls have the ability to sink deep into our bodies and minds. Because we are made mostly of water, the vibrations from the bowls can work with the water in our cells to bring us back into balance.

Singing bowl treatments are ideal for anyone. I have played the bowls for young children, teens, adults, and folks well into their 90s. Whether you’re experiencing soreness from your recent workout or just need to tune out the hustle and bustle of daily life, I would be happy to help you relax and take that time for yourself.

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