Whether you’re struggling with tasks at work, are having a hard time de-stressing, or you simply can’t sleep at night because your mind keeps going over the demands on your calendar, there are many reasons to receive a private singing bowl sound therapy treatment.

If you’re not familiar with this kind of vibrational massage, it can be tricky picturing what’s about to take place.

This is Your Time

Imagine coming into a quiet, relaxing room where the light is dim and there are a few candles scattered about.

In this room, no one reminds you of project deadlines, no one criticizes you for making time for yourself, and no one judges you. This is your sacred space where you can go to treat yourself. Here, you can escape and fully relax.

In this room, you are asked to lie down on a massage table. On each side of the table are beautiful, glistening Himalayan singing bowls that are ready to hold space for you. These bowls will guide you into a deep state of relaxation where you can heal yourself.

Your body has the power to heal itself.

If you sprain your ankle, someone can ice and set it for you, but your body does the healing. That’s what this time is about – you healing you.

Find Your Bliss

During a private singing bowl sound therapy session, you will be welcomed by the refreshing scent of essential oils and made comfortable on a cushy massage table. Then, the bowls will begin to take you away into a state of bliss. Here, you can go wherever you need to go.


Perhaps you’re in the mood to stand on the beach, feeling the easy ebb and flow of the ocean tide against the tops of your feet.

Or maybe you’re ready to go to your own private garden where you can enjoy the warmth of the sun, the smell of fresh flowers, and the delicate buzz of bees fluttering around you. Regardless of your destination, this is the perfect time to meditate and connect with your higher power.

Recharge and Fall Asleep

You may be in the mood to stay within the physical realm so you can hear every note and vibration the bowls produce. Sleep is always welcome, especially when you need it – your body will receive what it needs from the treatment whether you stay awake or not. So, if you’re called to a state of slumber, go with it.

This is your time to release and let go.

All of that pent-up stress that’s making you tense can be cast aside. Pour your intention into each bowl and visualize your prayer being sent out into the Universe through the soundwaves.

The Comfort of Warm Water

Our bodies are made mostly of water, so it’s natural for us to find it comforting. Warm water will be placed into bowls that will be played on you so you can absorb the sounds, vibration, and warmth.

Each bowl is unique and will play differently if there are trouble spots on your body. That inflammation in your knee? The bowls will seek it out and asked to be played there until the tension lessens.

Experience the Power of Sound

My name is Laina Pilkenton and my business name is Soul and Sound Healing. I provide private singing bowl sound therapy sessions that are designed to comfort and relax you. I am a certified singing bowl practitioner who is also familiar with energy work including Reiki, chakra healing, and shamanic work.

I am ready to hold space for you and give you the opportunity to give back to yourself. Please contact me today if you are in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area and would like a private session.