Perhaps you’ve seen them in passing in your local metaphysical shop, listen to them in the form of meditation videos on YouTube, or scroll past them on Instagram, but one thing is for sure: singing bowls are going mainstream.

Google “Tibetan singing bowls” or “Himalayan singing bowls” and you’re bound to get thousands more results today than you would have five or ten years ago. The number of people working with bowls and providing singing bowl sound therapy treatments has grown – and for many good reasons!

They’re beautiful, relaxing, and peaceful and everyone in Western culture is going bananas over them. But here’s the thing:

Singing bowls are much more than trendy.

Let’s Talk History

If you don’t know much about singing bowls beyond the fact that they produce sound, that’s totally fine. You’re here to know more, right?

Handmade singing bowls have been used by spiritual healers in Tibet, Nepal, and India for centuries. The making of traditional bowls started about 2,400 years ago around the time of Buddha and the art of making them has been passed down from generation to generation through verbal teachings.

A Dying Art

As beautiful as this practice is, sadly, it is a dying art. Today, there are few craftsmen left in Nepal in the Kathmandu Valley who work to revive the ancient techniques of creating the bowls.

According to Suren Shrestha, founder of the Atma Buti Soul Medicine Sound & Vibration School in Boulder, CO, the Shakyamuni clan still makes healing bowls today. They do so while chanting mantras during the hammering process – it is this method that dates back to the time of Buddha.

Have Bowls Will Travel

Oral history tells us that singing bowls were brought to Tibet from India around the same time that Buddhism was being introduced to Tibet. At this time, the great Buddhist master Padmasambhava was spreading Buddhism throughout Tibet, which dates this back to the 8th century A.D.

That’s a long time ago!

At this point, they started being used in singing bowl sound therapy treatments, which slowly spread from one spiritual healer to another.

What Singing Bowls Do for Us

The act of working with singing bowls has many benefits. Even if you’re simply listening to them and are not actually playing one or being played on, you’re absorbing quality vibrations.

Singing bowls are designed to bring the body back into a state of balance through sound and vibration. The energy and sound waves they produce help connect us to ourselves and our Divine nature.

If you think about it, they’re a lot like us. Each bowl has its own tuning (or note) and energy signature, just like we do. When we work with singing bowls during meditation or energy work, we promote our own healing and overall wellness.

Plus, the binaural beats they produce allow us to enter the theta brainwave state, which is a deep state of relaxation that allows us to do some soul-level healing. Amazing, right?

Himalayan singing bowls can assist us on our own healing journey. If you’re in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area and would like to experience the deep relaxation that comes with receiving a singing bowl sound therapy treatment, contact Laina Pilkenton of Soul and Sound Healing today to schedule a session.