You guys, things ARE happening!!

I’m so beyond excited to share this video with you! As part of a collaborative effort, I’ve created this video with TribeFinder.

This super relaxing video features the sounds of MY beautiful bowls! (Okay, they’re not technically my bowls. I’m their caretaker for now – they could choose someone else at some point – that’s a whole other story.)

Ever since the bowls entered my life, I’ve been fortunate to walk through so many open doors. Even when it felt like things were stuck in the mud and I was doomed to stay in the corporate world forever, I could always turn back to the bowls.

Their low and high voices sing to me all the time. I can hear them even when I’m not near them. They started calling out to me before my classes began and they still do. As of late, I’ll get in bed and it can be as silent as possible and I will hear them calling to me from upstairs.

If you’ve spent any time with the bowls and I, you’ll know that we have a working relationship. It sounds weird and a little creepy, but I truly see them as their own little beings. They’re so good at detecting things and they let me know when something is off.

Just this last weekend, I was working on my friend’s husband and when I got to his hips my water bowl started screeching. SCREECHING. It sounded like it was in pain. And it was calling attention to the pain located in that area. Come to find out, he had trouble with his hips the day before at work. Needless to say, he felt amazing after the session.

My bond with the bowls is stronger than ever (and I’ve gained some muscle hauling them back and forth to places, too!) and we are making major shifts. The more I cheer the bowls on, the more people walk through the door and I’m so thankful for that because the bowls get to do their job. I get to do my job – my life’s purpose.

Sound therapy was a complete surprise to me. If you had asked me two years ago if I would be doing this work, I’d be asking, “Who hit you on the head?” But you know what, the bowls found me and here we are.

Together, we’re making healing soundwaves and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

Now, back to the video!

There is truly something special about these bowls and I know in my heart it’s because of how they’re made. The bowls I work with were hand-hammered in a small village in Nepal and they were blessed before being shipped. My Level II teacher, Suren, picks each bowl by hand before they are shipped to the states. It’s no wonder they have the power to re-calibrate us. Whether you experience back pain, anxiety, stress, or struggle with depression or ADHD, the bowls can help.

There’s no miracle cure out there for any physical illness we may experience in this human existence, but I believe in the bowls because they have helped me. They help my clients. Now, they can help you whenever you need them. Seriously, use this 27-minute sound-guided meditation to help you.

When I was working on this recording, I went into a meditation of my own. Working with the bowls tends to flow naturally to me and this was no exception. I tell my clients that I tend to start off with a protocol I learned in class and then I let my intuition guide me because that’s what happens. It’s all centered on the client. It’s all centered on you.

I didn’t practice a routine for this recording at all. I literally arranged the bowls, turned on the recorder, and let it flow. You’ll hear patterns in this video, one bowl being struck, then the second, then the first again, and then back and forth. That was the bowls guiding me!

You’ll hear rubbing in this video. In fact, when you get to the 12-minute mark, holy cow! I can FEEL that in my heart space, my sides, and all the way down to my feet. It’s NUTS!

When you get to the 20-minute mark, you’ll hear the bowl switch from your left ear to your right ear, just like you would in a private session.

This recording is all for you. Now you can take the bowls with you wherever you go. If you’ve ever had a one-on-one session with me, you know how amazing it feels to have the bowls played on you. While this won’t recreate that exact feeling, it will tide you over until you need another fix.

This video is a project of love and I hope it gives you the rest, relaxation, and charge you need. Whether you listen to it before you go to sleep, to meditate, or to just chill the heck out, it’s here for you.

The sound therapy train is not stopping here, my friends. I’ve got bowls, chimes, flutes, and more in tow, and we’re ready to get the good vibrations out there. So, please look for many more sound videos to come.

Mad love and a Happy New Year to you,


P.S. Can we talk about the thunder? OMG!!